Some of your Questions:

Q. What is Youth Congress Nepal?

Youth Congress Nepal is the movement of young patriots and democrats to consolidate democracy in Nepal. We believe in a politically liberal democracy, socially just and inclusive democracy, and we advocate for a well regulated and competitive economy. Our core principles are aligned with patriotism, progressiveness, freedom, and equity ensured by the Constitution of Nepal.

Q. Is it the sister wing of the Nepali Congress?

No, we aren’t the sister wing of the Nepali Congress. The following points from the YCon constitution will clarify our affiliation:
- Youth Congress Nepal shall be independent and not affiliated with any political party.
- Youth Congress Nepal shall remain free from the intervention of any political party.
- Our core principles are similar to the ideology of the Nepali Congress.

Q. What does Youth Congress Nepal work for?

Youth Congress Nepal works for the following areas of work:
- Political empowerment of youth
- Watchdog for good governance
- Promoting democratic values
- Political dialogues between various parties

Q. Who can join Youth Congress Nepal?

Youth Congress Nepal accords membership to young democrats meeting the requirements for membership. Nepali citizen wanting to be a member shall have the following requirements:
- Nepali citizen of age eighteen (18) to forty (40) years.
- Assent in the principles of Youth Congress Nepal.
- Eligible under prevailing law.

Q. How to join Youth Congress Nepal?

Membership application form is available in Youth Congress Nepal’s website. Eligible Nepali citizens can fill-up the form.