Consolidating Democracy

Consolidating Democracy is the program organized by Youth Congress Nepal

with the aim to address the importance and relevance of democracy in the present day.

Democracy and Peace

In the last episode of consolidating Democracy season 1, political analyst Mr. Pitamber Bhandari shared his perspectives on the topic, " Democracy and Peace"

Democracy and Aspirations of Youth in Nepal

Hon. Gagan Thapa , Member of Parliament where he shared his understanding and experience on the topic "Democracy and Aspirations of Youth in Nepal".

In Defense of Democracy

Fifth episode program was with Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat, former finance minister, who shared his opinions on the topic, "In the defense of Democracy".

Democracy and Development

In the 4th Episode, we invited Dr. Swarnim Wagle, former vice chair of National planning Commission. He shared his understanding and views on the topic "Democracy and Development".

Presence of women in politics in Nepal-Past and present

In the third episode, Hon. Pushpa Bhusal, a member of parliament, shared her perspectives on the topic " presence of women in politics in Nepal –past and present”.

Living as marginalized In Nepal; past and present

The second episode was by Political Analyst, Tula Narayan Shah who shared his views and experiences on the topic "living as marginalized in Nepal; past and present".

Authoritarian Nostalgia in Nepal

In the first episode Political Analyst Mr. Hari Sharma talked on the topic " Authoritarian Nostalgia In Nepal.