The Basics of Politics

The need of the young generation in the politics of Nepal has increased in these testing times. With the mission " Politically literate youths, together for Nepal" we have initiated seven days workshop called, "The Basics of Politics." This course aims to increase politically aware youths and is designed to provide learning, networking, and leading spaces for youths.

Youth Congress Nepal is a movement of Young Nepali patriots and democrats working to build a prosperous democratic nation and the first step to do that is educating youths about politics and making them responsible citizens. The broader vision of this project is to escalate the interest of youths in politics and the emergence of them as proficient youth leaders of tomorrow. The modules of the course will be taken by prominent individuals such as political leaders, professors, social activists, and political analysts.

Course Details

Modules of our Course

Introduction to politics and political ideologies


Political Compassing


Modern political history of Nepal


Separation of powers and Federalism in Nepal


The idea of Inclusion (minorities and marginalized movements in Nepal)