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Youth Congress Nepal is the movement to consolidate democracy. We believe in a politically liberal democracy, socially just and inclusive democracy, and we advocate for a well regulated and competitive economy. Our core principles are aligned with patriotism, progressiveness, freedom, and equity ensured by the Constitution of Nepal.

Youth Congress Nepal, as the movement of young democrats, pledges to support the principles of democracy by advocating for rule of law and good governance. Furthermore, we declare our intentions to build a prosperous democratic nation as mentioned in the Constitution of Nepal through the following areas of work:


Political empowerment of youth


Watchdog for good governance


Promoting democratic values


Political dialogues between various parties

Why choose Us

Today’s youth need real opportunities to learn and participate in political processes and contribute to practical solutions that advance real time development. Translating democracy’s promise into a better life for all can be frustratingly slow and difficult but when we all come together we can make democracy thrive.

Be part of making a strong democracy with us...

What you get

Joining Youth Congress Nepal gives you the knowledge, networks, and energy to know your country better and work around the clock to awaken other youths like you towards democracy, patriotism, and inclusion for a holistic development of Nepal.

And a lot more that you can only unleash for yourself...


Youth Congress Nepal was formed in September 2017 with the motto of uniting young democrats in Nepal to consolidate democracy and achieve our aspirations of a prosperous nation with Political, Civic, Social and Economic Freedom.

In three years of its formation, YCon has been working in various areas to consolidate democracy in the country.